Art projects

Kaela Rivera has several art projects going at any one time, but each of them carries a story that she hopes reaches people's hearts.

Story illustrations

You can follow Kaela Rivera on IG as she illustrates characters and scenes from her novels or spits out ideas for new ones. 

If you're interested in hiring Kaela to create promotional art, collaborate on a project, or some other business inquiry, click here.

Hell of a Girl - WEB COMIC

Muerte Morningstar is the daughter of the devil and heir to the throne of hell—but she’s just way too nice to rule the damned.

Exasperated, Daddy-kins sends her to study abroad with a human evilness tutor. And Antonio “the wolf” Moretti, son of the most powerful Mafia boss in San Modesto, has no idea what his horribly lovable student is about to get him into. 

STATUS: Hiatus, returning soon

Where Death Dwelled - ANIMATIC

When a coup overthrows the royal family, Princess Aclaiva struggles to flee her country and outrun Death, even as he aims to hunt her down.

She must keep one step ahead of him until she's strong enough to return and reclaim her throne--or else a curse one thousand years in the making will swallow the world whole.

Episode 1 live